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MLS Access for Real Estate Investors
www.freedommentor.com founder Phil Pustejovsky describes MLS access for real estate investors
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The Secret to Short Sales and Foreclosures
The secret to short sales and foreclosures that you won't hear anywhere else. Learn more at http://www.FreedomMentor.com
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Tax Lien Investing Pros and Cons
http://www.freedommentor.com/tax-lien-investing-pros-and-cons/ Discover the pros and cons of tax lien investing from the real world of real estate investing.
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How to Talk to Motivated Sellers and Sound Like a Pro
How to most effectively communicate with motivated sellers so that you sound like a pro, even if you are first getting started in real estate. Learn more at http://www.freedommentor.com
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How to Get the Deal Under Contract with a Risk Free Offer
How to get the deal under contract with a risk free offer. Learn more at http://www.FreedomMentor.com
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Best Legal Entity for Real Estate Investing
Discover the best legal entity if you are going to be investing in real estate
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How to Get Unlimited Free Motivated Seller Leads Automatically
How you can generate unlimited motivated seller leads on autopilot for free. This one simple technique can make you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Learn more at http://www.FreedomMentor.com Craigslist Automator Software Link: http://www.cubixsolutions.com/?page=Affiliates&action=Click&affiliateid=47
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Is Wholesaling Real Estate Ethical?
http://www.freedommentor.com/wholesaling-real-estate - It's the elephant in the room, when the topic of wholesaling real estate is discussed, but no one is talking about it! Let's talk about it! http://youtu.be/Cj4CMj8KTKc
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Secrets to Foreclosure Auctions and Tax Deed Sales
Discover what to do (and what NOT to do) when buying real estate at Foreclosure Auctions and Tax Deed Sales (also known as Tax Foreclosures). Although there are many pitfalls, this video shows you how to steer clear of them as well as make wise decisions when bidding. This is a must watch for anyone considering bidding on a property at a foreclosure auction or tax deed sale (tax foreclosure).
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How to Invest in Real Estate with Your Retirement IRA or 401K
www.freedommentor.com/ira-real-estate-investing Discover what most people will never know about how to invest in real estate using your retirement account, including your 401K or self directed IRA. This is retirement account real estate investing at its best.
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Should Real Estate Investors Get a Real Estate License?
http://www.freedommentor.com/real-estate-license/ - Should Real Estate Investors Get a Real Estate License? Find out on this very detailed video. Also, here is the video on how to access to the MLS if you're a real estate investor: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Pax0JlmvcAU http://youtu.be/7vS9basu8uc
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Secret to Flipping Houses
http://www.freedommentor.com/flipping-houses You're about to discover what most investors will never know about Flipping Houses. UPDATE: Many viewers have asked me very detailed... questions about what they learned from this video (see comments below).. To learn a whole lot more about Flipping Houses, go to http://courses.freedommentor.com and use the coupon code "freedommentor" to get it for free http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EudeRC3p5rQ&feature=youtu.be
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Best Materials for House Flips
https://www.freedommentor.com/best-materials-for-house-flips/ Discover the best materials to use for house flips from the most experienced house flipper in North America, Phil Pustejovsky. You'll get an inside look at what paint, flooring and other renovation materials he uses when fixing up a house when his plan is to flip it. Whether you are interested in doing your first house flip or are a seasoned professional, you'll learn something new from watching this video. Plus, it'll be entertaining too.
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In Depth Look at Hard Money Loans
https://www.freedommentor.com/in-depth-look-hard-money-loans/ An in-depth look at hard money loans from the leading real estate investing mentor and investor, Phil Pustejovsky, who began his career obtaining hard money loans and now is a hard money lender for his mentees. In this video, you'll discover the most important things you need to know about hard money when investing in real estate as well as the myths that far too many investors believe. By the end, you will have gone further down the rabbit hole of hard money than you'll find anywhere else.
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What They Don't Tell You About Wholesaling Houses
http://www.freedommentor.com/wholesaling-houses/ - The dirty little secret that most people don't know about wholesaling houses:
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1031 Exchange Tax Free Real Estate Investing
https://www.freedommentor.com/1031-exchange/ Discover the power of the 1031 exchange and how your real estate investing profits can be tax free gains.
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5 Tax Saving Tips for Real Estate Investors
http://www.freedommentor.com/real-estate-investment-taxes/ Here are 5 tax saving tips every real estate investor should know.
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Is Buying a Foreclosure a Good Idea?
http://www.FreedomMentor.com/is-buying-a-foreclosure-a-good-idea/ - Is buying a foreclosure a good idea? It depends. Are you looking to move into the property or are you an investor. This video shares unconventional wisdom on is buying a foreclosure a good idea. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bumaRr...
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Perfect Formula for Building Wealth with Real Estate
https://www.freedommentor.com/perfect-formula-for-building-wealth-with-real-estate/ You’re about to discover the perfect formula for building wealth with real estate. It has been around for centuries and even children are exposed to it thanks to the classic board game Monopoly. It all starts with extra cash that can be used for investment. That money is used to purchase high return on investment (ROI) real estate. Then as more money comes in, more high ROI real estate is purchased until a snowball effect occurs and eventually significant wealth is achieved. In the following video, you’ll learn how extra cash is created, what qualifies as high ROI real estate and how to make this formula work for you particular situation. Here is the perfect formula for building wealth with real estate.
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What Every Landlord Should Know About Property Management
What every landlord should know about property management ideally, before you buy your first rental property.
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3 Factors to Better Understand Your Local Real Estate Market
https://www.freedommentor.com/3-factors-better-understand-local-real-estate-market/ Discover 3 simple factors that can help you better understand your local real estate market. You'll not only get a clearer picture of what is going on right now, but you will also be able to reasonably forecast what is going to happen in the next 1-3 years with your local housing market. So whether you are a real estate investor deciding on your next investment move, a real estate agent who wants to better educate your clients or are simply a renter trying to decide if now is a good time to jump into becoming a homeowner, these 3 fundamental factors can provide you with the local market insight you need to make smarter real estate decisions.
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Flipping vs Renting Houses
Which investment strategy is better, flipping or renting houses? Discover both sides of this debate and the real world truth behind the right answer.
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5 Keys to Insurance for Real Estate Investments
https://www.freedommentor.com/5-keys-to-insurance-for-real-estate-investments/ Discover what most investors do not know about insurance for real estate investments, including the biggest mistake far too many investors make.
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How to Sell Your House Rent to Own
Discover how to sell your house on a Rent to Own. You'll learn why the Rent to Own is so powerful, 101 lessons, advanced tips, potential pitfalls, and much more.
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Should You Pay Off Bank Loans on Investment Property?
https://www.freedommentor.com/paying-off-bank-loans-investment-property/ Should you pay off bank loans on real estate investment property? Is it financially intelligent to strive to pay down rental real estate mortgages so that you can own them free and clear? Is it better to pay cash for long term real estate holds? Discover the answers to these questions in this extremely insightful training on real estate finance.
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Want Money For Real Estate?
http://www.freedommentor.com/money-for-real-estate Want Money for Real Estate?
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How to Wholesale Real Estate
http://www.freedommentor.com/free-training/how-to-wholesale-real-estate Real Estate Mentor Phil Pustejovsky shows you how to wholesale real estate. Watch as he shows you how to find a wholesale right in your own backyard! How to Wholesale Real Estate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCCdeMjG1j0
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5 Steps to Negotiating Real Estate
http://www.freedommentor.com - Are you negotiating real estate all wrong? In this video, you'll discover the 5 steps to negotiating real estate successfully so that all parties in the transaction win. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLT7IiDKv-w
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Building Your Net Worth using Real Estate
http://www.freedommentor.com/phil-pustejovsky-net-worth/ Building your net worth using real estate
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New Law Has Real Estate Industry Panicking
https://www.freedommentor.com/trid New US legislation has the real estate industry panicking. The TILA RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rule was scheduled to take effect on August 1, 2015 but was pushed back to October 3, 2015 due to industry-wide fears of not knowing how to implement it. Also referred to as the Know Before You Owe rule, find out how this will impact real estate investors.
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How to Focus on the Money Makers
How to be more productive in your real estate investing endeavors by focusing on the money making deals and avoiding the time wasting deals. Learn more at http://www.FreedomMentor.com
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How to Turn a Little into a Lot with Real Estate PART 1
PART 1 of how to turn a little bit of money into a whole lot of money through the power of real estate. Here's the link to PART 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5YR1zN8Mqc
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Ignore Real Estate News?
http://www.freedommentor.com/ignore-real-estate-news/ - Is following real estate news closely a complete waste of time for creative real estate investors?
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Paying Too Much in Property Taxes?
http://www.freedommentor.com/property-taxes Are you paying too much in property taxes? Discover how most people are paying too much in property taxes and how to avoid it in the future.
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Creative Real Estate vs Traditional Investing
http://www.FreedomMentor.com - Should you go the Creative Real Estate route or the Traditional Investing way? Discover the difference, the pros and the cons of both paths and which one is right for you. http://youtu.be/Gal2Ge2-SsY
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3 Ways to Turn a House into a Cash Flowing Machine
https://www.freedommentor.com/3-ways-to-turn-a-house-into-a-cash-flowing-machine/ Discover 3 ways to turn a single family house into a cash flowing machine that makes a huge profit year after year. Houses are not typically known for cash flowing well, but by applying 1 of these 3 techniques, you can turbo charge the profitability while not having to change the property from being a house.
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Biggest House Flipping Mistake
http://www.freedommentor.com/house-flipping/ You're about to discover the biggest house flipping mistake most investors make and how to avoid it. http://youtu.be/h99rhE_-aCE
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3 Ways to Earn Steady Income in Real Estate
Discover the 3 ways to earn STEADY income in real estate. As you may know, real estate is a business of big paydays...and long pay delays. Many investors and agents struggle to create consistent cashflow in their real estate operations and therefore, are more stressed than they should be. In this video, you'll learn how to generate steady income so that you can have more freedom, more relaxation and more fun in real estate!
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Crash Course on Closing Costs
https://www.freedommentor.com/crash-course-closing-costs/ Here's your crash course on understanding closing costs when buying or selling a house or any real estate for that matter. You'll discover what the different closing costs are, how to save money on some of them and how to get access to a free closing cost calculator. Anyone who ever intends to buy or sell a house should watch this video because equipped with this knowledge, you can better negotiate as well as save on closing costs.
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Making an Offer on a House Wisely
http://www.freedommentor.com/making-offer-house Making an offer on a house wisely. Discover an unconventional way that works much better for making an offer on a house.
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Hidden Way to Reduce Closing Costs
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Real Estate Productivity Booster
http://www.freedommentor.com Boost your real estate productivity with this incredibly simple yet extremely powerful technique. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHmSgTVvp40
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Beware of Investing in Condos, Townhomes & Single Family Houses in Associations
Discover the hidden dangers of investing in Condos, Townhomes and Single Family Houses that are in Associations. You'll learn the pitfalls of buying real estate that is controlled by HOAs (also known as homeowners or condo associations) as well as how to navigate those challenges and still profit from HOA controlled deals. This is a must watch video for anyone considering purchasing a condo, townhome or single family home that has an Association.
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#1 Reason Why Real Estate Investors Lose Money
https://www.freedommentor.com/reason-why-investors-lose-money/ Discover the #1 reason why real estate investors lose money on deals. You'll learn about a Margin of Safety, a Margin of Error, that will insulate you from how you can avoid the destructive pitfall of losing money.
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FHA Anti Flipping Rule and Fannie Mae 3% Down Loan
Discover how the FHA anti flipping rule and the new fannie mae 3% down loan will affect real estate investors
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Government Shutdown Affect on Real Estate
https://www.freedommentor.com/government-shutdown-affect-real-estate/ How exactly does a government shutdown affect real estate? So long as it doesn't drag on too long, the main and immediate impact is the slow down or temporary postponement of the origination of some mortgages and other real estate loans. And that can be very significant since most real estate closings involve a buyer obtaining a loan. If the loan doesn't fund, the deal doesn't close and that's usually bad news for all the parties involved. The following provides you with very specific details on which loans are affected and how; so that you can be prepared and make adjustments accordingly.
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5 Steps to Short Term Vacation Rental Investing
https://www.freedommentor.com/5-steps-short-term-vacation-rental-investing/ Discover the 5 steps to short term vacation rental investing so that you can make more money per unit than traditional rentals. These 5 steps include (1) doing your research to make sure it's legal and profitable; (2) choosing a property that lies in the sweet spot of this model; (3) renovating and furnishing the property to give it that wow factor; (4) hiring a booking agent to respond to inquiries, manage your listings and coordinate cleanings and maintenance, and; (5) handling the additional bookkeeping responsibilities that is required when collecting and paying occupancy taxes. This video is mandatory viewing for anyone looking to get into vacation rental investing.
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The Phil Pustejovsky Story
http://www.philpustejovsky.com Discover the incredible true story of Phil Pustejovsky and his rags to riches journey; from his homeless days to where he is today in a waterfront mansion in Florida. Phil Pustejovsky biography
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Determining Property Value the Right Way
http://www.freedommentor.com/determining-property-value/ - Discover the right way to determining property value.
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How to Make Money in Real Estate
http://www.freedommentor.com - How to make money in real estate as taught be the leading real estate coach, Phil Pustejovsky. You'll learn the major ways that people make money from real estate, from flipping foreclosures to developing subdivisions, from owning rental property to earning a real estate commission. http://youtu.be/81qK2qkFmCQ
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